Applied Electromagnetism SK2310, 6 ECTS


You are welcome to the course in Applied Electromagnetism.

This course is a continuation of lower grade basic physics courses, similar in content and level to that of Electromagnegtic theory (TET) but slightly more applied.

KTH-students that have done TET cannot take this course without consulting Göran M and/ or SVL-F

The general topics are: Electrostatics, Magnetostatics and Electrodynamics

Recommended book:

Griffiths: Introduction to Electrodynamics, 3:rd edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-805326-x



is written and consists of six tasks which mostly require combination of knowledge from different chapters.

The book, notes, old exams, calculator (not computer because of Wlanrisque) and a handbook of your choice is recommended aid on the exam.

5,0 – 6,0 č A

4,1 – 4,9 č B

3,5 - 4,0 č  C

2,8 – 3,4č  D

2,2 – 2,7 ==> Can be completed to mark E within 8 week from exam date

0 – 2,1 ==> F, Fail

Examination dates

Ordinary exam: October 23 14 - 19

Extraordinary exam: Jan 12 8 - 13.



Lectures: Göran Manneberg, , Tel 5537 8127


Calculation exercises and later lectures: Hoon Jang ,